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What is the best strategy to get Postdoc Position?

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Best strategy to get postdoc is:

  1. Be alert for postdoc positions 
  2. Make a list of related labs/Professor 
  3. Publish your work in reputed journal and make your profile strong
  4. Make your network strong and wide 
  5. Keep ready your research preparation like - Research Proposal, CV, Cover Letter..
  6. Make your reference ready for recommendation
  7. Attend conference, workshop and make good connection with other researchers, specially with foreign professor
  8. Send mail to professors for available position (keep your request email ready) Read this - Write an Email to Professor : Complete Do’s and Don’ts Discussion450
  9. Improve your speaking English (For interview you need to have fluent English capability)
  10. Keep in touch with your lab senior, faculty members and colleagues (In professional life you need to maintain healthy contact) 
  11. One more tip, that if you completed your PhD than don't seat and apply, better you join any lab/position in India and apply postdoc parallel with full preparation
  12. Most important- If you secure your postdoc position than please help others with your experience

These tips can definitely help you to get successful postdoc position.

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