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What is the best strategy to get PhD Position?

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Best strategy to get PhD position -

  1. Make list of top university according to their ranking and availability of scholarship
  2. Make list of some popular scholarship, since in PhD scholarship is different - some funding is only for course work, some is full funding and some scholarship is for some semester
  3. Check work facility during your PhD if your scholarship is limited
  4. Also, make list of some scholarship which you can get only after taking admission in that University.
  5. Prepare English proficiency test  like - IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC
  6. Make your recommendation ready for reference
  7. Contact Professor by email if required (In many PhD position you need to do this)
  8. Be in touch with your seniors, faculty, classmates and related social media (like Facebook page).
  9. Better you can prepare yourself for PhD during your master degree.
  10. Always alert for current PhD scholarship.

These all tips is to secure your PhD position abroad.

PhD strategy is different than Postdoc. Your strategy should be first score English proficiency test, make list and apply after that.

All the very best..