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Asked a question 3 years ago

What is the benefit of this forum?

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This forum is made for discussing research carrier related questions.

There are many questions which we need to discuss regarding carrier/research related topic.

In our RJ platform, we are trying to discuss on those topics, for that we are making youtube50 videos and article but due to our busy schedule we are not able to come on many topics. So the number of discussion topic is still less.

Also, everyday we encounter many questions, which we are trying to answer with our member but sometime we missed discussing on our whatsapp and other platform. So, we created this discussion forum, here we all can discuss and related person can get there proper answer, which is highly required.

And, another thing is that - seriously the condition of the highest degree holders (PhD) is not very good. Many highly qualified and early carrier researchers are struggling to get desired position. We are trying to do small help. And personally I felt, need of this. We also request you all that come and share your knowledge regarding opportunities/ problems/knowledge.

Now the main point of this question (What is the benefit of this forum?)

Some of possible benefit of this forum

  • Apart from our researchersjob.com43 platform, this forum can discuss related question efficiently.
  • Here, more expert can discuss on related topic, keep their view and more way a question can answer.
  • Here, you can interact with other researcher and expand your network.
  • Open environment discussion is possible here and you can address several issues/points.
  • Another thing, that this platform is totally free and there is no membership fee in this. So anyone can join and keep his point/discussion.
  • Anyone can keep this in mobile home-screen (directly from web) and used it like app application in android/ios mobile (So you will get all our update first and separate).
  • So, the main benefit share knowledge out to the people who need it.
  • You can ask or give your answer anonymously, if you want.

We request you to invite your friends in this forum, who need this or can discuss his/her expert comment.

Sharing is caring, If you have knowledge,

let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Thank You

If anyone have pore point, they can discuss here.. :)