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Yogini Prabhu
Research scholar
Asked a question 3 years ago

How to approach mentor/host/guide for post doc position?

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These are some steps, which you need to consider to approach mentor/host/guide for postdoc positions

  • First make a list of Professor/Scientist who are working in your related research area.
  • Prepare other documents like your CV, research proposal, cover letter, request email draft, reference letters etc.
  • Do little homework on Professor/Scientist research profile to know what he is working and mention that when you approach him.
  • Your chance will be more if you know that professor before like in conference, workshop or any other way.
  • Highlight your specific achievements in request email. 
  • Request email ought to be very much organized and elegantly composed.
  • It should include rundown proof of their (professor) past examination profession to date. 
  • Generally professor like to realize that an understudy has truly gotten their 'work done' before moving toward to them for example if you realize his function admirably and your research work is firmly identified with his orders and subject matters - both point and procedure astute.
  • You need to write follow-up email sometimes if you are very interested to work with particular professor.
  • Be in touch with professor even there is no position, if you get a reply from that side

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How to approach mentor/host/guide for post doc position?
My request, after securing successful research position please help others.