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Asked a question 3 years ago

Hi i am studying FT PhD in Chennai help to do my research and how to publish a paper

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You are doing PhD, it is highest academic degree.

If you are asking help to do my research than nobody help you and you should not ask like that. Anyway, I understand that every early researcher think like that how to start research....

For starting research I have some tips - 

  • First identify problem.
  • Do wide literature survey
  • Make list of recent work done and future prospects.
  • Choose one topic, where you can focus your research
  • Talk with your adviser and discuss about your problem.
  • Start your research with experiments, observations and collect data
  • Make figure set for specific problem
  • After that start writing your research paper and don't directly jump on publishing paper.
  • Publishing paper will take time in your case and please give time to understand well
  • PhD is not one day or some month task
  • Arrange yourself with all things like data, paper list and other related things
  • Listen your adviser guide words
  • Also more important - Enjoy your life, don't only engage in research

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Hi.. Dharmendra

Your question is really good. The same question came in my mind when I started my real research carrier. I think FT mean full time PhD. 

Some of my suggestion which will help you for your research and paper publication.

  1. Improve your English (This is common for non-native English speaker).
  2. Complete course work seriously.
  3. Talk with your seniors
  4. Read more research paper
  5. Identify your targeted research problem
  6. Discuss with your adviser
  7. You can discuss such forum also, It is good habit and it will open your mindset
  8. This much work is enough to start research carrier
  9. Read more, it will open your view and mindset and next time you can answer others like that.
  10. Enjoy life .. ALL THE BEST..
  11. Also, there is no shortcut in life.. at least in research carrier..